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Legal Dictionary Articles

A Victory Only Until The Next Time

The Federal Court has shown how our freedom of speech rests upon a convoluted legal fiction. There is little doubt the NSW Parliament meant to allow the Iemma Government to make the World Youth Day anti-annoyance regulation. Despite this, the court found that the regulation could not stand because more

A Cautionary Tale About Personal Responsibility And The Black Hole Of Meaning

Here is a story about carrots, sticks and fairies. Well, not so much a story as an entry in a dictionary. An attempt to pin down the concept of "personal responsibility", which has become essential in any political philosophy, whatever the topic, from binge drinking to welfare to Aboriginal more

Yes Mandarin: The Sour Taste Of Bureaucracy

Mandarin: official or bureaucrat, especially one who is in a high or inaccessible position. - Macquarie Dictionary.


Lingua Franca, 3.45pm, Radio National: There's no shortage of speculation and legal bluster attending the release of a salacious biography on Tom Cruise by the infamous royal watcher Andrew Morton. But the real action is the publication of the ninth edition of the Collins Australian Dictionary. How good is it? more

Justice, Law And Disorder

How is it that the innocent can go to jail and criminals can escape conviction? No matter how the legal system evolves, it seems that only in fiction will justice always prevail.